Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guy Butterfly and Benny Bunny

Whew! Tonight we had "Step Up Night" where the parents come and learn about the next grade. It makes for a LONG day, but watching Grey's Anatomy while blogging totally makes up for it.

This week we learned about y as a vowel.

Meet Guy Butterfly.

And Benny Bunny.

Each character comes with a craft.  I had the students write their spelling words under each character.

We had a word hunt around the room.

We played I Have, Who Has?

So fun!  In reading groups, one student said "I found a Benny Bunny word!" Doesn't it just make your day when your students make connections like that??

You can check out the unit here on TPT.

I am also offering a freebie from the packet. Enjoy!