Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Contraction Caterpillars

As I mentioned last week, my class is just beginning our unit on contractions.  Today we made these sweet caterpillars.

The students had to write the contraction on the body and then the two words that made up the contraction on the legs.

Here's a few of the students' caterpillars.

I've been slightly obsessed with scrapbook paper lately.  Any reason I can find it to use it I will!! I like having the students pick which patterns they like the best for the activity. As soon as I bought 2 packs of scrapbook paper, a parent donated a huge stack to me. I think I have enough to last me a lifetime now!

I know it's winter, but the caterpillar theme carried over to our indoor recess.  Last week it was rainy, this week it's too cold (by southern standards) to go out.  I like to alternate different activities so they don't get as bored.

Last week when I gave out drawing paper and markers, the class made their own drawing contest and appointed judges.  Well, one day someone cried because they didn't win, then they got mad, and their drawing accidentally ripped.  Don't worry, the picture went to the hospital and was put back together with love and some tape.

So today I declared I was the judge and everyone was rewarded with a butterfly or flower sticker.

Since they knew I was the judge, they drew caterpillars and wrote "I love Ms. Deal."

I mean, what other job do you have where someone tells you they love you all day long??


  1. We made these in my class earlier this year...yours look cuter though with your touch of scrapbook paper!!

    For the Love of First Grade

  2. Those caterpillars are so cute! I will remember that and use it with my kids. Thanks for sharing.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family