Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blends Charades

Happy MLK Day! I know many of you have the day off, but I was surprised to read First Grade Blue Skies' post on FB that she doesn't have the day off. I really thought that everybody always had MLK Day off!

I'll be the first to admit that 4 day weeks are a little more hectic but I am going to enjoy today fully! That includes being able to go to a Hot Yoga class at 4pm.  I already can't wait!

I just finished up a Blends Packet and posted it on TPT. You may remember the students' blend posters from December.

The packet focuses on s blends.  The main activity is Blends Charades (although there are a few printables in the packet as well).

I had to throw in a few extra blends (fr, cl, gr, tr) in there to make enough cards for twenty students.

My students absolutely LOVED this game.  They knew that all the words started with blends, so for the most part, they made good guesses.  As soon as we finished the game, they begged to play again!

I'm throwing a FLASH Sale at TPT. 10% off everything for today (1/21) only!

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