Thursday, September 5, 2013

Technology in the Classroom

In my room, I have one computer and a brand new flat screen TV.  No Smart Board or Promethean Board.  There are laptops available to use too and I usually use those for AR quizzes or math stations.

Having my computer and TV connected has made such a huge difference! I discovered Just Dance Kids on YouTube.

My favorite video is the Gummy Bear!

I used this video to introduce our space unit.

My students beg for the Count to 100 song.

Now I haven't been very good on blog reading lately, but the few posts I have had the time to read have given me some great ideas!

This next idea is from Brenda at You Might Be a First Grader.  I don't have the pictures or video to post, but she made her own Daily Five rotations chart on Power Point.  I made my own since I do my Daily Five a little differently, but this is awesome!!  Brenda has her presentation timed, but I haven't figured out that step yet. (My Power Point is a little older, I think.  She shows you how in the video she made, but it's not working for me.)

I thought it was so great that I made one for my math centers too!  I took off work for a few days and all I had to do was print out the presentations and leave it for the sub.  I figured that the sub doesn't want to have to mess with the computer anyhow. ;)

Are there any other YouTube videos out there that I must use?

What technology do you have in the classroom?

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

Hey there!  I'm popping in to link up with Farley's monthly Currently.

I've been taking a mini blogging hitatus.  It's a combination of back to school busyness + the little rainbow circle thingy is appearing way too much on my Mac.  I think my computer needed a break. There was one day this past week where I didn't turn on my computer for a full day.  That right there is amazing!

I am so over this summer in Georgia.  It has rained and rained....and rained.  I've never been so ready for fall.  I can't wait for apple picking and cool crisp air!

Have a great Labor Day!