Sunday, May 3, 2015

Someone Licked My Straw

The last time I blogged, I said I would update you on how the Dear Mr. President tattling was going.

The first day was great!  I actually had to make more copies and make a rule that you had to be done with your work before you could write a letter.

On Monday, I got a note saying that someone had licked my straw.



Well, I thought to myself, "No way! They wouldn't ever to do!" After some quick investigating, I found out it was true.

The consequence was writing sentences.

Oh, and I had been drinking out of the straw for 30 minutes before I knew.

Later in the week, I found out that two of my students were "daden."  (FYI: That's the phonetic way to spell dating.)

Really, for your own humor you should grab those templates.

On to the Currently of the month! (Thanks to Farley for hosting.)  

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  1. Hi Liz! I found your through Currently. I CAN'T BELIEVE SOMEONE LICKED YOUR STRAW. Ew!!

    I am moving to Atlanta this summer. Where in Georgia are you? I'm trying to find all of my GA blogging peeps!

    School and the City

  2. I can't wait to get a pedicure too! I have one scheduled for next Sat. and it can't come soon enough!

  3. I need a pedicure soooo bad, which will help my feet look better as I also lay by the pool this summer!!!

  4. Your blog is so cute! I teach firsties too. They laugh when I call them that.

    I am currently looking for a house too! So I am right there with ya.

    I am glad I found ya. I am new to blogging and still figuring it all out. Glad to have a fellow first grade teacher to follow.

    If you get a chance stop by!

    Sammy @ The Rustic Apple