Saturday, June 29, 2013

Free Glue Sticks & Atlanta Meet Up

I had a non teaching friend share the most wonderful link with me a few weeks ago.  It's a way to get a dozen free glue sticks.

Don't worry, you don't have to give blood or your social security number to get them.  Although, at the end of the year I probably would have done anything to get my hands on more glue sticks.

Create your school supply list at TeacherLists and you will get a dozen glue sticks in the mail!  It took about a month for me to receive my glue sticks, so if you go back to school in August you might want to sign up for it now.

You can also refer you other friends and when they sign up you get another dozen glue sticks. It allows you to send an email with a referral code.  You better believe I'll be hitting up my teacher friends at school!

Collaboration Cuties and Ideas by Jivey are hosting an Atlanta Blogger Meet Up on July 20 at the Swan House.

RSVP by clicking on the button.

You have two days left to enter the Bloglovin giveaway!

Off to hit the pool before the afternoon storms roll in!

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  1. I seriously need those glue sticks! I need to follow through on that. My kids must eat theirs or something. :-P can't wait to meet you!!!
    ideas by jivey
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