Sunday, December 9, 2012

Paper Mache Globes

This year I attempted something completely out of my comfort zone - paper mache with 17 six and seven year olds.  It was messy, but fun! At one point, a student had glue in his hair and was sliding around the floor. I couldn't have done it without my parapro and two parent volunteers! 

A few days later, we painted the continents and oceans on our globes.

I think actually painting the globes was messier than the paper mache! As I was checking on the students, one said "Uh, Ms. Deal? I lost my paintbrush inside my globe." Somehow in the tiny hole, his BIG paintbrush slipped in. Accident? I think not! Then I looked at another student and she had paint in her hair, on her face, all up her arms and all over her WHITE shirt. Oh my.

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  1. We always do one papier mache project each year too-one is all I have the patience for! You're right it is messy, but the kids love it! The messier the kids get, the more fun they had right? :)