Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Math Stations

This year I started having the students complete stations during math. I don't know how I've taught math for the last five years without them!  Sure, I did plenty of hands-on activities, but I never had math set up as station rotation.  I loved seeing math centers on Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers and wanted to give them a shot this year.

I make 10 centers since the maximum number of students I can have is 20. This year I only have 17 students and paired them up in groups of two.  One student has to work by himself, but the student doesn't seem to mind.  I change their partners every time I change out the centers.  The students only visit one center per day.

The rainbow colored circles indicate the centers and the pink and green circles are the students' name.  Each day I rotate the the rainbow colored circles.

Each cubby is labeled with a colored circle.

The math stations are stored in these baskets.

Up close view!

Here are my current stations.  

1. Pumpkin Graph (Freebie)  
    This is pictured above. I made die cut pumpkins and a graph worksheet to go along with the activity.
2. Color by Numbers (Freebie)
4. Pumpkin Sorting (Freebie)
5. I Want Candy! (Freebie)
6. Spider Sorting (Freebie)
10. Computer Station

What do math stations look like in your classroom?

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  1. I love the way you have your centers organized...and it's not just because I love anything colorful and polka dotted!

    Thanks so much for linking up at my math centers linky, and I am so glad that I found your blog. Thanks!

    ~Miss Martin
    Miss Martin’s Classroom