Saturday, June 27, 2015

Teacher Tips: Bathroom Passes

Last year, I started something I had never used before - bathroom passes.  

I found these at Hobby Lobby yesterday.  They also had black pocket charts! Scream!

Now, I don't the hand sanitizer bottle or have the students bring the pass with them to the bathroom.  

It's because there's no way I would want to touch it after it was in the boys bathroom and I figured that they would leave it in the bathroom.

Before I continue, you should know that I have a parapro with me in first grade.  (Don't hate me.) Sometimes the kids would play us and end up in the bathroom together for a gab session.  You know, meeting in the bathroom is the thing to do in first grade.

This year, I put one boys and one girls pass on the board.  In order to go to the bathroom, they had to ask and put the pass at their desk.  I set the tone at the beginning of the year that only one student could go at a time.  The pass made it easy to spot who was there, especially when the fire alarm went off!

Here's to hoping that this helps you and doesn't take you eight years to figure out! ;)


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