Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Flashback: Measurement

During the school year, I always intend to blog but you know how that goes.  Throughout the summer, I'm going to be doing "Flashbacks" to things my students did in the classroom.  It's going to be a random hodgepodge of stuff, so hold onto the ride!

Liquid Measurement!  This can be tricky for student and adults.  I use three methods to cover liquid measurement.

1. If you haven't heard of Gallon Land, you are missing out!  I wish someone would have taught me this when I was younger!  I heard about it back in the day when I would search ideas on the ProTeacher Forums.

Lesson Plan Diva made a free booklet about Land of Gallon.

It's so effective that I had a former parent email me this year asking about it.  I was so flattered that she remembered something her daughter brought home two years later!

2. Gallon Guy is a popular choice when learning about liquid measurement.  My templates were literally from 1990.  It was time for an update!

I made four choices for the heads (2 boys and 2 girls) and let the students choose which head they wanted.

Helpful Hint:  Don't pass out everything at once.  Pass out the gallon, have the students cut it our and glue it to the head.  Then pass out the pints and follow the same step (except they glue it to the gallon).  It is really easy for student to get behind and lose pieces.  I usually know who my slow cutters are, so I help them cut out one or two pieces as the other students are working.  It's helpful to have a sample on the board too.

3. This year I made a liquid conversion short that students could use to refer to.

We worked together to make a color code together and talked about each type of liquid measurement.

I really think that this one fit the best with my students.  It was a great, easy visual organizer that they could easy refer to in completing activities.

You can find the templates to these last two activities in my How Much? {A Liquid Capacity Unit}

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