Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hey, Call Me Crazy

If you know me in real life, you know that I love coupons and saving money while shopping.

I've got a great deal for you!  I've bundled all of my current I Have, Who Has phonics games.

The bundled price is $11.20 but until tomorrow (4/5) at 1pm, this bundle is 50% off!

This savings is really unbelievable because the bundle is a GROWING bundle and I'll be adding more games. That means you will pay $5.60 for a year full of phonics I Have Who Has Games!!  What?!? Every time I add a game to the bundle, you'll be notified.  All you have to do is download it again and the new game will appear.  See the schedule below to know when new games will be added.

It currently includes:

R Controlled Vowels 

Vowel Digraphs & Diphthongs 

Coming Soon!
Short Vowels:
Short A - May 2015
Short E - May 2015
Short I - May 2015
Short O - May 2015
Short U - May 2015
Short Vowel Review - May 2015

Long Vowels:
Long A - June 2015
Long E - June 2015
Long I - June 2015
Long O - June 2015
Long U - June 2015
Long Vowel Review - June 2015

Hard C & G - July 2015
Soft C & G - July 2015

L blends - July 2015
R blends - July 2015
S blends - July 2015

Y as a Vowel - September 2015
Silent Letters (kn, gn, mb, wr) - September 2015

Beginning Digraphs - September 2015

Each game includes enough cards for 24 students.  If you have less than 24 students, pass out the extra cards.  My students get excited if they get two cards.

Want to try out an I Have, Who Has Game before you purchase? Download a FREE copy of I Have, Who Has Game: Middle & End Digraphs to see the quality of my work. The free version has enough cards for 20 students.

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