Saturday, March 7, 2015

Five for Friday: 3/6/15

I had the best inntentions of getting this up last night.  I made an effort to pick up around the house before sitting down at the computer.....and it just never happened.  At least now my kitchen table has been cleaned off!

I love my new blog design!  Check out Gabby's Classrooms if you are looking to get yours redone.

We started off the week making rainbow similes.

I got the ideas from Lindsey at For the Love of First Grade.  I used the rainbow template from A Cupcake for the Teacher's Over the Rainbow packet.

To help the project go smoothly, we make a class list of things that are red, yellow, orange, etc.  This way the students can choose from the board if they are stuck.

After they write in pencil, students trace over their writing with a pen before painting with watercolors. 

You can download this poster from GoogleDocs HERE.

Our fundraiser in the fall was for projectors in every classroom plus a Moby (a tablet where the teachers can write on and make it show on the white board).  I just got my projector installed last week and the students love it!

I'm showing them pictures of a sea urchin for our study of ur words.  For the last year I was able to display things on a flat screen TV, but this is even better!  I'm able to pull up documents and then write on the white board.  I know this probably seems behind the times, but it's new to me and so exciting!

I know St. Patrick's Day hasn't hit us yet, but I'm already starting to plan my Easter themed activities.  I made this freebie last night.

I'm giving away all of my new items (from the last month).  Enter to win!


  1. I posted a day late too. :)
    Love your new blog makeover! Cute!!!
    My favorite thing about spring is getting to go outside and play with my kiddos.
    Happy Saturday!
    Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers

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