Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Fun!

I love celebrating Easter in the classroom!  I get to do a few more activities involving more than Easter Bunnies and Peeps since I work in a private Christian school.  I thought that I'd share a few things that we did in the classroom that you could use for Sunday School or at home.

We made these eggs with white crayons and watercolors.


First, we brainstormed words that went along with the Easter season like cross, Jesus, tomb, etc.

After we made a huge list, students were able to choose the words that they wanted to write (using white crayon) on the small circles inside the egg.

Then the students were able to use their watercolors to paint the eggs.  I loved listening to their squeals when they painted over the small circles and the words came through.

Once the paper dried, I had the students cut out the egg.

You can download the template for the egg HERE.

Next up was JELLY BEANS!  I sort the jelly beans into cups early in the day and their poor, little faces were drooling all over them.

The students colored the jelly bean templates from Ashley Reed's Easter Activities for the Christian Classroom or Home. (Go grab it - it's free!)

I had the students get two of each color jelly bean for their bag.  Their job was to share their jelly beans with a friend or family member at home and teach the person about Easter.

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