Monday, November 30, 2015

What's on your TpT Wishlist?

I love Cyber Monday!  I've had my eyes on a new computer for a few months, but have been waiting for a big sale to come around.

TpT is no different when it comes to Cyber Monday!  My entire store is 20%!  If you enter the code: SMILE, you'll receive an additional 10% off!
If you really love a discount, be sure to leave feedback on previous purchases.  Every 20 credits is worth $1!

In addition to a computer on my wish list, my TpT cart is full!  I'me getting a few items that have been on my wish list.

Here's a peek into my top wish listed products from my store, Polka Dot Firsties. Thanks to Teaching in Tongass for hosting this linky!

All About Landforms was one of the first items I've ever made.  I recently updated it over the summer.  It's still one of my best selling items and my most wish listed item!

It includes a landforms dictionary for students to create, a memory game, I Have Who Has Game, ABC order center, and printables.

Over the summer, I created a bundle of All About Landforms and a new product, Landforms Posters: Using Real Images.  If you love to save even more, be sure to check out the bundle {HERE}.  Individually, it would cost you $10, however, with the bundle discount AND sale, it is priced at $6.40

Karate Sight Words is one of my favorite products in my store and I was excited to see that it was one of the most wish listed items too!

I designed this product in 2012 because I had trouble tracking sight words for the students in my classroom.  I wanted a way to streamline how my students learned, what words they learned, and a way to motivate them.  Sight words are divided into different karate belts and students move up to earn a black belt.  The packet uses Dolch Sight Words and Fry Phrases.  I updated the packet in the spring to make it editable so you can add specific words.

This item is perfect for this time of year!  If I'm being 100% honest, I have a hard time teaching individual reading groups in December. I want to take the time to do themed activities in December and my students need some help focusing during the month.

Reindeers on Strike is based upon the book, The Great Reindeer Rebellion.  You can probably find it at your local library (or Amazon).  It includes a reindeer craft, reader's response activity, graphic organizers, sequence the story printable, label a reindeer,  and a comprehension test.

Throughout our "reindeer" week, my students complete the activities in the packet.  On Friday, they take the comprehension test and I'm able to count it as a reading grade.


Those are the most wish listed items from my store.  You can check out other seller's wish listed items {HERE}.

I added a few products to my store over the weekend and wanted to be sure to point them out to you.

Bible Interactive Notebook: Old Testament will be 50% off for today, 11/30.  All new products are 50%, so be sure to follow my store.Tomorrow it will be on sale for 20%.

A Christmas Story: the birth of Jesus includes activities you can use in your Sunday School classroom, private school classroom or for homeschool students. 

My students love playing phonics games, so I created a bundle of Long Vowel SCOOT games.  You can also use these as task cards.  The bundle price is already 20% off, but I also put all of my bundles on sale too.  :)  

My class also loves playing I Have, Who Has Games.  I bundled the Long Vowel SCOOT games AND I Have, Who Has Long Vowel Games into one package of Long Vowel Games.