Thursday, September 3, 2015

Making Your Bible Curriculum More Engaging

When I first started teaching, I remember reading that you should focus on mastering one subject area per year.  It's easy to get overwhelmed trying to fine-tune every subject.  If it's your first year, just try to make it through that!  

I've been lucky enough to be teaching the same grade for the last nine years.  However, the teaching standards have changed throughout the years!  I work really hard to make learning engaging and fun.  I feel a little guilty how un-crafty I was at the beginning, but those kids made it to high school.  :)

This year my focus is on our Bible curriculum.  It's a great curriculum, but the lessons can be drawn out and a little boring.  I've also noticed that Bible activities always seem to ask for you to find about 10,000 things around your house to tell the kids the story OR it's just worksheets.  

Days of Creation - Students color the story of creation (written using Bible verses), make a creation bracelet, and make a flip book about the days of creation.  There are also posters that show what was created each day.

Garden of Eden - Students color the story of the Garden of Eden (written using Bible verses), fill out a bubble map about Adam and Eve and make snake craft.

Cain and Abel {FREE} - I always found this difficult to teach when I first teaching, so I included tips on how to explain this story to young children. There are posters about Cain and Abel and students can fill in a bubble map about them.

Noah's ArkStudents color the story of Noah (written using Bible verses) and sequence the story of Noah.

My students are also required to learn a weekly Bible verse.  They have to be able to verbally tell me on Fridays.  Higher grade levels have to write it and their verses are usually a bit longer.  

I wanted the students to learn the verses in a more engaging way and be able to visually connect the meaning.

Last week's verse was Psalms 147:4.  I used precut stars and had the students sponge paint the stars.  You could always use yellow stars and just star stickers if you are limited on time.

For John 3:16, I had students use watercolors to paint the world.

Both verses and activities are available for free in my TpT store.

I hope that this helps you in your classroom, homeschool, or Sunday school!