Thursday, July 24, 2014

Contractions, Money and Shadows!

Enjoy this blast from the past!


February 1, 2013
There has been some crazy weather in the south! Last Friday students (and teachers) were praying for an ice day. On Wednesday we had to watch out for tornado warnings.  It was super warm for January. Then today it was freezing and super windy! This seems like it should be March weather!

Here's a quick weekly recap. I'm sleepy despite having Starbucks coffee at 7:30pm this evening!

1. Contraction Gardens

I originally planned to do this last week, but ran out of time. I decided to make heart shaped flowers so we would have something to decorate the hallways for Valentine's day. Some of the students in my class now want to pose with their pictures. I'd much rather post the student created project than my own! Sometimes mine gets slapped together right before we are going to do the activity, i.e. it doesn't look as pretty as I want it.

2. Piggy Banks

We are in the middle of our money unit. Every year I give the students an amount and have them use paper coins to display a way to make that amount. (Easy way to differentiate as well!) This year the students glued them to a piggy bank.

3. Shadow Puppets & Box

In science, we studied light and shadows in preparation for Groundhog's Day. The students had to find a partner in the room and come up with a mini play to perform for the class. At first they wanted to draw detail on their puppets, but I had to explain to a few of the students that we would only be able to see the outline.

a princess

a Knight

They had so much fun with this! It was really easy to make the shadow box.  The bottom of a copy paper box was cut out and then two sheets of white tissue paper were added.

4. A visit from the Tooth Fairy!

We are kicking off our teeth unit next week. A local dentist, along with the Tooth Fairy and Tiger (not really sure why Tiger was there!) came to visit. The dentist was great and really engaged the students.

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