Saturday, July 28, 2012

Classroom Theme

Wow, I can't believe I already have some followers on such a new blog! I'm glad I've decided to take the step and start one! I plan on visiting each of your blogs this afternoon to learn a little more about everyone.

School starts in two weeks for me, but I've been thinking of my new classroom since the end of June. I was in the same classroom for 4 years and then moved to a basement classroom with no windows last year. I am so HAPPY to be back in a room with windows this year and my new room overlooks the school garden and outdoor classroom! I am so excited!

Since it's a new to me room, I decided to go with a different theme. The last five years I've had a bumblebee theme and I was kinda over it. Plus people kept giving me more and more bumblebee was getting overwhelming! I had a garage sale last month and you should have seen the stuff - placemats, napkins, plates, dish towels, etc. It was really hard giving the leftover stuff that didn't sell to Goodwill, but I'm sure I made someone happy.

My new theme is Polka Dots! (Hence the name of the blog.) I've decided to stay with pink, green and black polka dots. The first thing I did was jazz up my desk. I had seen a desk covered by polka dot wrapping paper on Pinterest. I was afraid the paper would tear and a co-worker suggested contact paper. I couldn't find polka dot contact paper, so I did the next best thing.

Here's the desk before:

Don't mind the computer wires! Haha...those will be fixed before school starts!

And the after:

I love how a few laminated circles can make a desk look pretty.

I am SUPER excited about the next thing I made. We have these cubbies surrounding our TV.

This is actually the neatest my cubbies have ever been. One year I had a huge trophy sitting up there and it fell, narrowly missing a student! EEEK!

One of my co-workers made curtains for either side of the TV and it covered all of the not so fun looking boxes. I loved how it completely changed the look of her room and knew I had to borrow her idea.

I found the perfect polka pattern, used some hot glue and ribbons, and grabbed a rod from Big Lots.

Cute, right?

What's the theme in your classroom?


  1. I am sooo behind the eight-ball that I don't have a named theme for my room. Down here in Australia it isn't as common to do this. But you have motivated me to give it a go. Love what you are doing, and looking forward to seeing more...
    ✿ Judy
    teaching with J

  2. Your blog is wonderful! I love the idea of the curtains over your open cabinets....much nicer. Might have to think about doing that!

  3. Super cute blog and super cute classroom! I love the desk! Polka dots are one of my favorites. :) I'm a BIT obsessed with animal print in my classroom, and my life hahaha. Thanks for stopping by! :) Looking forward to hearing all your super fun ideas for our firsties!

  4. My theme is camping. Go check it out. I found you through another blog. Welcome to the blogging world. Come check us out for some freebies and ideas. Your newest follower, Stephanie

  5. I love the polka dots. I also have a curtain to hide teaching manuals. I really need another one to cover a shelf where I have lots of copies.

    I have hearts and frogs in my room. =)

    If you get a chance, I would love for you to come grab my back to school and monster *freebies*. They will be great for your Firsties. =)

    I found you in the blog hop and am a new follower. =)

    Heather's Heart

  6. Love your polka dots. They are (or will be) all over my class as soon as I can get in! I nominated you for a blog award, stop on over to my blog to pick it up!
    The Common Core Classroom

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog ! I love your desk & curtains - so very cute :) My theme is frogs, but it's more polka dot than frog..with black, white, pink & green. Dont you just love it?? I will be posting classroom pictures on my blog soon, so stop by!

    I'm your newest follower :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  8. Love your room! I love polka dots as well :). I used to teach first and am making the move to kindergarten, so I'm changing my theme from bugs to a garden theme. I'm new to blogging as well, but I love your blog so far! I'm your newest follower.
    Hearts Flowers and Kindergarten